Auto- Responders: Here’s Everything You Need to Know about these Courteous E-Mails

Auto- Responders: Here’s Everything You Need to Know about these Courteous E-Mails

Auto Responder: Let’s Get Acquainted

An Auto responder, also known as the lazy marketers’ best friend is emerging as the most influential marketing tool in today’s era. It simply refers to the program that generates a set response to all the messages sent to a specific email address. The best thing about it is the fact that no matter, you’re out for a while or for a long duration, it never gets tired and asks for a leave. Yes, it’s filled with courtesy and understands the significance of an instant reply.

Triggered by customer behaviour, auto responders can also lead to more customer conversions. Hence, the accurate scheduling and utilisation of auto-responders is crucial.


What kind of content works in an auto responder?

  • A Useful Mantra: Show them that you’re a relatable and trustworthy person.

Useful! Yes, only useful content is the key to an influential auto responder. Nothing funny, charming, or witty needs to be written. Secondly, it has to be ensured that an auto responder is written taking in account- the reader and is solving his/her purpose. The mantra is to show them that you’re a relatable and trustworthy person.


Few Useful Applications of Auto Responders

If you know your subscribers, or their certain actions, you can leverage them to engage and retain customers. Below are the tips:

  1. Send them birthday wishes: A birthday message promptly reveals that you know your user and care to make him feel privileged. So, don’t forget to send birthday greetings (and related offers) to people on your mailing list
  2. Let him/her go further: After a subscriber buys your product, move him from one cycle of communications to another
  3. Keep the subscriber glued to your responders: Yes, switch him from one type of auto responder cycle to another if he/she clicks on a specific link within an email


Significance of Auto responders in Business Marketing Strategy

  1. An Auto responder instantly kicks off the communication with anonymous website visitors and makes an attempt to convert them into subscribers by offering them something of value in exchange of their name and email address. This trial offer or a no-obligation consultation allows you to send them email messages forever.
  2. It helps a business generate better return on investment and that too, without hiring marketing people as it sends marketing messages to all the prospects and customers on a regular basis.
  3. The best part about an auto responder is that it follows-up with every prospect or customer flawlessly without missing out on anyone. On the other side, it nearly becomes impossible for a marketer to follow up with every single individual in a day.
  4. Via an auto responder, you can easily direct the subscribers to your blog, website, video and channels.
  5. An auto responder proves to be the best option for branding since you can brand yourself and your company in the e-mails by adding your tagline and logo.
  6. Last but not the least, auto responders’ track your performance and measure results due to its ability to store statistics. The statistics include the number of emails opened by recipients, time of the day when most emails were opened, and most importantly the number of new subscribers gained each day.


Top Auto Responders to Opt for:

  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • Infusion soft
  • iContact
  • Constant Contact
  • iShoppingCart
  • Autoresponse plus
  • Campaign Monitor


Good marketing tools, engaging content and proper strategy helps departments to work in a better manner and manage the image of business consistently. So, in the dynamic digital sphere, it makes sense to opt for right marketing tools. Choose them carefully!


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