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The Ivy Restaurant CASE STUDY

For a finger-licking experience
in Gurugram

The owner of the Ivy Restaurant who was previously a part of Flavors of Arabia, opened up this beautiful space with highly proficient chefs and trained employees, all of whom were dedicated to delivering the highest quality of food. Apart from the primary goal of attracting people with their unique flavours, they wanted to change the way people perceive food. They launched a restaurant brand to share their love for Authentic Continental, Mediterranean Cuisine and a lot more.
Our engagement with their brand started with the initiation of brand logo, brand promotion,, billboard, menu concept and website development, all in all a 360-degree marketing. We analyzed the Indian dining and food market in Gurgaon while identifying unique and quirky trends so that we can develop this brand in a whole new style.

The Ivy Restaurant

For the experience that counts


Brand Logo

We tried and tested with a wide number of different structures of leaves until we finally decided on the logo, the restaurant carries today. Unlike every other place, using red and yellow as their primary hue, we went with black and green to make the brand’s logo stand out from the rest.


Board (LED)

Our approach was to develop a unique and quirky billboard that can attract customer’s attention in seconds. The restaurant is situated at the corner of Baani Square. Along with our customer-centric approach, the theme colour we have chosen, which is “Black and Green”for the billboard, compliments the board and brand both, in a unique way. In addition to that, we have used the latest technology which includes one of the best qualities for acrylic boards, in the making of the billboard so that they will be able to use the same, for years. It is curated and represented in such a manner, that it is visible from most of the angles!



Our set of creative team planned, scrutinized, developed and executed all the print collaterals including letterhead, table mats, menu card, visiting card, carry bags, magnetic stickers, signage and many more with a vision that all these things are aligned in a proper theme which we have chosen for “The Ivy Restaurant” in an accurate, relevant and quirky manner. We believe that in this digital world, collaterals play an important role. And, if they play such an essential role, why not to make them unique? why not to make them unique?

images images Image Image



Our experts worked together to analyze how culinary experience can be put on a screen. We wanted to make “The Ivy” website as good as their taste of cuisine. The task was challenging, but as always, completion of a challenging task is more joyous. Our experts worked hard to bring the best on the web so that our work speaks for itself and it’s quality.


image image

We had the privilege to take some fantastic snap-shots of the entire ambiance and their finger licking cuisines. All the photographs were taken under the direction of our designers in a way that reflected the style of the brand whilst portraying food that tingles and tantalizes the taste buds. Attention was paid to the details of the shots and it’s prevalence.



Facebook Page


Along with our approach, the excellent culinary skills and hard work of the restaurant finally paid off when we started with their Instagram and received approximately 100 to 200 likes on the newly uploaded first two posts itself. Hand in hand, Facebook was operated completely organically and had around 20,000 visitors per week with a growth of 11% monthly. Ever since then, it kept growing forever and ever.


Image Image

What is a better way to celebrate the achievement of an organization as a result of the combined efforts of every individual than a branding refresh? For this, we believe nothing is better than to celebrate the 1st anniversary, as they're just not going to stop there! For that precious moment of The Ivy Restaurant, our team of expert designers created podiums, anniversary banners, magnetic stickers, coupon and mugs, to celebrate this precious moment with their patrons and guests. As the purpose was to serve happiness, we made everything all by our heart!


Event Management

To familiarize Ivy with one and all, and to give an enthralling experience to everyone who visited Baani Square, we started organising musical nights called “Sufiyana” every other weekend with the presence of some renowned local celebrity. These musical nights were worthwhile, because they helped in pulling a tremendous amount of people for dining.

The Ivy Restaurant is a unique and fine dine-in restaurant located in the busy area of Baani Square, Sector 50, Gurugram.