The Complete Guide to your LinkedIn Profile

The Complete Guide to your LinkedIn Profile

In this technological world, LinkedIn is one of the easiest methods to connect to a brand or organization for various business purposes. People varying from your boss to your colleagues to your old classmates, anyone and everyone can see your profile. It creates your own individual image in front of other business-related prospects.

While it is reported that people with complete LinkedIn profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn, however many often create incomplete profiles by adding mediocre amount of information.

With so many people referring to LinkedIn to increase their business connections these days, it becomes quite imperative for people to create an attractive and engaging profile to establish your rapport with others.  Therefore we at Red Dash Media have come up with a few easy, simple and effective steps in which you can edit your profile the right way –


  • Make your profile public

First, start by making your profile “public”.  You can do this by selecting “View Profile As” and then clicking on “Manage public profile settings”.





  • Add an adequate profile and background picture

Add your profile and background picture. Profile pictures help others to trust your identity. Many a times, no profile pictures or pictures of celebrities, flowers, wildlife etc generate the idea of a fake profile with unreal information.


Image for reference purpose only


In addition, make sure that your profile picture is a simple yet elegant one. Posting informal pictures might be okay but opting for the improper ones (pictures with drinks, pouts, revealing clothes) might not be a good idea.


  • Optimize your profile

This step includes adding each and every aspect in your profile. First, start by mentioning your current location and the industry with which you are associated. This gives the viewers a detailed definition of your expertise and whether you would be accessible to their firm or not.


Second, add a headline. For example, if you are a content writer for firm XYZ then add “Content Writer at XYZ”.


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However, your headline doesn’t always need to be your current job title. You can make it more interesting and creative – all depending on your expertise and interests.


After writing an accurate and interesting headline, next step includes writing a brief yet precise summary. Your summary should define you as a person, your expertise, experience, interests- all in a nutshell. In other words, a summary is just a detailed description of your headline.


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The next step includes adding your work experience, academic details, awards and accolades, certifications, volunteer experiences, special professional skills, additional languages known. Follow people and causes. Join groups and tell people what you stand for. Show what motivates you and let people feel connected to you.




  • Ask for recommendations

Another simple yet effective hack to improve your LinkedIn profile is to ask your friends/peers/colleagues or superiors to recommend you. All you have to do is select “Ask to be recommended” option from “View Profile As” tab bar. Select the job title and the person whom you want to ask.




  • Add connections

After completely optimizing your profile, you can start adding connections and people you may know. LinkedIn is one best tool to connect with current as well as future job prospects.



After completing all the said options, you are surely going to increase your profile strength. However, remember not to boast or lie about any specific information which might create trouble for you in the future. Hurry, update your LinkedIn profile and start strengthening your business parameters.


Hope it helped!





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