Effective Facebook Tricks to Boost Your Page

Effective Facebook Tricks to Boost Your Page

With approximately 1.23 billion daily active followers, Facebook is the most used and widely followed social media site. With the increasing number of users every day, this social platform has gradually emerged itself as a great business tool as well. Brands and organizations continue to promote their products through this mass medium in order to reach their target audience quickly and effectively.

Therefore it would be appropriate to conclude that millions of data is created and shared here every day. While you may or may not be reaching your target audience, your content is however also susceptible to be easily lost among this humongous amount of data.

To make your content stand out, we have come up with a few facebook hacks you could use to push forward your business.

  1. Customize your profile

This is the first step for generally ALL social media platforms. Your facebook page/account should reflect your or your brand’s personality. Make sure you upload an appropriate and relatable profile picture and cover image. Almost 60% users agree that they are primarily influenced by the profile’s overall “vibe”.



  1. Upload shareable content

Refrain from uploading any monotonous content. Creating inconsistent and unrelatable posts isn’t going to do any good for your brand image.

In addition, do not engage yourself by sharing content which does not reflect your brand image. Posting or sharing ANY data, just for the sake of getting more public engagement, is likely to disregard your brand/product.

Although it is imperative that you post engaging relatable content to gain more clients & customers, however you must adhere to your brand-area only.



  1. Enable HD photos & videos

When a photo or video is downloaded & uploaded multiple times, it gradually tends to get pixelated. The quality becomes horrendous, and it subsequently looks awful on your page.

To fix this, you can select “Account Settings” à “Photos & Videos” à “Upload HD”.

You can now upload high-quality HD pictures or videos that will definitely create a much better image for you and your brand.



  1. Set up auto-responses for clients/customers

When you are promoting yourself on a social media platform, then you are likely to receive messages as well. A good option while managing customer interactions here is to set up auto-responders. You can set-up these in order to facilitate easy communication with a large number of customers, without having to reply to every one individually.




  1. Create a call-to-action button on your page

Adding a call-to-action button on your Facebook page encourages customers/clients to “do something” by paving a straightforward way to contact your business.

Some of the most commonly used call-to-action buttons used on various pages are:

Call Now

Contact Us

Shop Now

Book Now

Sign Up

In addition, these buttons also allow you to track the number of people who connect with you by clicking on the button to ensure whether your social media marketing is generating traffic towards your brand or not.



  1. Use special live broadcasts

It is no doubt that live video streams garner far more reach (and subsequent views) than ordinary posts. Another cool way of increasing your reach using live broadcasts is to make your video look professional by using Facebook’s application program interface.

However, you would need a savvy developer to activate this function.





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  1. Oh it’s awesome really I’ve applied these tricks and Now I’m running a most traffic gaining page, Keep it up and lots of love

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