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Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits Of Digital Public Relations For A Business

People need to know about your company for you to succeed. A Digital PR agency helps your company get recognized by existing clients, prospects, and business partners. One of the first steps towards creating a remarkable PR profile is enhancing your media relations which will increase your media coverage. Media gives you a platform to publicize; it also helps you create a better relationship and understanding with your customers. As there is an open line of communication, the customers feel empowered to be associated with your brand. Another major benefit of PR is crisis management. Any negative news about your brand or organization may hamper its image. It is especially during these times that you need a solid PR strategy.

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What Makes Red Dash Media Different

Your brand perception is what makes or breaks your business. We streamline the way clients connect with their customers by preparing an impactful marketing goal with our media strategy. Every brand has a unique purpose and has a unique audience, and we work uniquely to find that audience. Our PR professionals work with the trends, to cut through the noise. With a can-do attitude, our team serves clients in a variety of diverse disciplines making us one of the best PR agencies to work with. People love stories and emotions; we help you tell that story by creating creative ideas.

What Can Red Dash Media Do To Boost Your Brand Reputation?

If you are asking what Red Dash Media is capable of, you might want to sit back and get comfortable because the list is long. With our team of creative digital experts, the opportunities are endless. We believe that content is the king and it always will be. That's why we put our weight to make your content impeccable with our strategic thinking and effective communications. A glimpse of our Public Relations and marketing services will demonstrate that our team is highly versed with a multitude of traditional and modern marketing techniques including branding, digital marketing, creative services, media relations, advertising, growth solutions (user acquisition), and influencer marketing. We pride ourselves on being one of the best PR agencies in Delhi NCR.

How can Red Dash Media effectively measure PR results?

As one of the top PR agencies in Delhi NCR, we use specific tools Hubspot to measure impressions and engagements for our clients. While high impression numbers are good for a brand, it does not exactly translate to good sales or customer retention.

Does PR drive marketing or does marketing drive PR?

This is a very long-debated question and more often than not, both drive each other in different situations. Most PR agencies in Delhi NCR and India would agree to this as combining all the marketing channels is the best way to see results.

Why does your brand need PR?

Your brand needs PR in the good times and bad! As a digital PR agency in Delhi NCR and a PR agency in Delhi, we put in a lot of work behind the scenes to see your brand win. Red Dash Media does the groundwork for you - we write press releases, get your interaction with the media and create more opportunities for your brand and in turn, make us one of the best PR agencies to work with.

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