SEO Moz Link Explorer: The Most Thrilling Achievement of 2018 is Here

Moz SEO- A Link Explorer

In the SEO world, digital marketing companies owe a lot to Moz for its wonderful contributions. You will be overwhelmed to know that the Moz team is preparing a new incredible tool for you! We just can’t deny how popular the marketing tool of Open Site Explorer has been over web. While this got us really excited, the new tool will thrill you even more. Link Explorer will be available in private beta for Moz Pro subscribers and for those taking a free trial as well. While the tool is still not out in the public yet, the team is excited to gather feedback to make this tool as amazing as they can before they launch it.

What is Open Site Explorer?

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Open Site Explorer has been Moz’s tool for link building, competitive website analysis and link discovery. Marketers worldwide use this Mozscape index-powered tool for searching backlinks, link building opportunities and for finding links that can damage and impact the ranking of your business. Moz pro will give you the executive treatment while you research. You will have your hands on advance reporting and amazing link opportunities. But the new Link Explorer will bring a whole new revolution to the process.

So what exactly is Link Explorer?

If you’re still wondering what Link Explorer is, let us tell you it is a replacement for Open Site Explorer. The ultimate product is here to smoothly ease many of the difficult challenges which couldn’t be resolved earlier. Read the full article below to understand how it will be making the process a whole lot easier.

Link Explorer- Moz Pro

What are the exciting features of the all new Link Explorer?

No more waiting for updates: Many users opined OSE to be slow when compared to other such similar tools. Even after subscribing OSE had been slow with discovering backlinks. Subscribers are less likely to pay for slower results. The Link Explorer will give you daily updates. It updates itself every 24 hours to give you the new DA score and new links discovered. You won’t have to wait for a month now to see the new DA score or the links you had created last week.


A greater index: Even though Open Site Explorer helps you with high quality links you may not be satisfied with the number of these. OSE only showed a fraction of linked domains probably due to the index size. With Link Explorer, you will have a bigger space to explore because it has a much bigger index. You will be amazed to know it has the potential of accumulating as many as trillions of links from billions of pages. And to top it further, it will gather these only from best quality domains and pages. Also the functionality will be improved like new graphs and charts particularly with respect to the flourishing of your links.


Link Tracking lists: It allows you to check a box that is there besides links so whichever interests you more you can build lists in the tool. You can trace the trail to these over time. You can give high priority to your outreach efforts. In the long run you can have aggregated data and alerts as well for these links.


Revised Metrics: At OSE you could see the most-linked-to content’s performance on web and you found this really cool. It included social metrics in the Top Pages reports. On the former tool you could see the anchor text and linking domain tabs which gave you a sample of links from the domain. But this showed up in odd ways. The new tool is charged with updated Domain Authority and Page Authority for superior correlations with rankings on Google. These will be upgraded every 24 hours. The loading time of page will have you wait less. In simpler words, it will be as fast as results on Google. What can amaze you more than this!


Discovering or exploring valuable links: From the dropdown root domain button, you can select one of the options from root domain, subdomain and exact page. You can then enter your URL and start exploring multiple new links. While earlier most of the new sites and links were indexed usually within a time period of 60 days and in some cases even longer. This was probably due to the reasons of crawl-ability of sites and the quantity of inbound links in them as well as the depth of pages in the subdirectories.


Track discovered and lost links: The replacement is packed with the remarkable feature of tracking discovered or lost links. Yes! You can check when you found or lost links along with keeping a trail of how influential your present marketing campaign has been. What exactly do we mean when we talk about discovered links. A discovered link would tell you the date on which you found it. It may not necessarily be a new link altogether.


Top metrics and metrics over time: With this astounding attribute users can toggle between the metrics which are at the top level, such as, Domain Authority, Linking Root Domains, Page Authority, etc. The top metrics will give you an overview of the top links to your website. It will tell you which are the top pages on your website and highlight the anchor text with most followed links.

Why should you use the Link Explorer?

If you would know, links can influence your rankings considerably. These are a core section of off-site Search Engine Optimization. When a page has HTML code that is hyperlinked to another page backlinks or inbound links are created. Visitors can click on these. Other pages on the web will help to link equity to the site. You can follow many different ways to follow or earn backlinks. The Link Explorer is one such way you can utilize to discover valuable prospects, devise helpful strategies and check your progress. With the all new Link Explorer you will have access to the data you need in much less time for better link research, link prospecting and effective content ideation.


Noted:- All OLD Features are showing with RED Outlines and NEW Features are showing with GREEN Outlines.


Comparison between Open Site Explorer & Link Explorer

Front View

Open Site Explorer

Moz SEO Tool Screenshot 15


Link Explorer


Tool Options View

Just Discovered Links- Open Site Explorer

Moz SEO Tool Screenshot 13

Missing Just Discovered Links Option in Link Explorer

But we can see the new stats features here with decent look.

Moz SEO Tool Screenshot 12

Top Pages in Open Site Explorer

Moz SEO Tool Screenshot 8


Top Pages in (New) Link Explorer

Moz SEO Tool Screenshot 7

As we can see, Top Pages option has come down on 5th position.


Linking Domains- Open Site Explorer

Moz SEO Tool Screenshot 6


New Linking Domains Option in (New) Link Explorer

Moz SEO Tool Screenshot 5


Compare Metrics- Open Site Explorer

Moz SEO Tool Screenshot 4


Compare Link Profile Option in (New) Link Explorer

Moz SEO Tool Screenshot 3


New Feature.

“Discovered and Lost Linking Root Domains BETA”

Here is You can find awesome Feature that may help you to understand the metrics and may can help you to build strong strategy for your domains.

Moz SEO Tool Screenshot 1

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