Social Media Marketing Myths

Social Media Marketing Myths

Social media grows every day. With increasing number of users, the number of businesses using social media increase as well. Many brands consider social media as a cheaper effective marketing method to reach out to their target audience in a short span of time. The changing, evolving social media has therefore gradually changed the way we did business.

However promoting your brand on any social media platform can be quite a risky task. While one post can help you reach out to your target audience, another can quickly generate mistrust. This idea has spurred a lot of social media marketing myths.

Therefore we have come up with the most common marketing myths rounding on social media and are all set to debunk those:-

  1. Success is measured by the number of followers

Yes, we do admit that it feels nice to have a lot of followers on your page. However, there could be many people among those who are not even following you or looking at your posts. Therefore keep in mind that the more important thing than your followers on social media is: their engagement.

You might have 102K followers but if your posts are getting 1 or 2 likes with minimal reach, then your brand is not really going anywhere.

It is better to reach 300-400 people out of mere 2000 followers than to reach none with millions following you.


  1. Create good content and the audience will follow

Many companies believe in the notion that by creating “high quality content” with beautiful pictures and engaging graphics, the audience will automatically follow. However, when you first start to post stuff on your new account/page, then most of it is bound to go unnoticed.

You would need to promote your content, your graphics and your page in order to grasp audience’s attention and gradually their engagement. While the audience may or may not respond well to your content after receiving it, but however you would have to make it reach them through promotions.


  1. Social media is for personal use/ or for younger audiences


These days, people of all age groups, belonging to varied demography, possessing different mindsets- use social media. It is used by people worldwide and therefore is an excellent tool for promoting your brand. However, it is equally essential to adapt different promotional tools as well. In addition, make sure you produce consistent and engaging content to gather a larger audience on social media.


  1. Social media is free

While its true that you do not need to invest any money before creating a personal or corporate account of most social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter), however you would have to pay for a lot of advertising to boost your posts for them to reach a larger audience.

Even though you might not want to boost your posts or spend any money while advertising through social media, you would still have to invest your time and energy (lots of it).


  1. Use every social media platform to generate maximum results

Creating your brand’s account on multiple social media sites might help with your social listings, however every platform is NOT going to be valuable for your particular brand.

Understand that every brand is different. A brand focusing on “food” would be completely different from the one focusing on “sports”. While the food brand would benefit more with sites, these however wouldn’t do any good for the sports one. Therefore, do not assume that every platform is going to be valuable. Instead, its better to stick to those one or two which have the capability to indulge the target audience.



  1. Hi Vaishali,

    Interesting post exposing misconceptions about social media as a marketing tool.

    The number of your social media followers doesn’t relate to your effectiveness – great point for the accountant’s to learn. And, just because there are numerous social media outlets, that doesn’t mean you have to use them all – 2 smart points your post nails! Thanks,

    • Vaishali Sharma : April 26, 2017 at 6:50 pm

      Thank you, Edward.

      I’m sure there might be many more of these misconceptions that people rely on; however I decided to include these since they are the most common ones. With the increasing number of people who use social media for marketing purposes, it is imperative that they know how to utilize this for their utmost benefits.

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