6 Tools and Apps Expert Social Media Marketers Use

6 best Social Media Marketing Tools you should use today

Social media advertising has evolved with creative ways of marketing brands over the web. The latest trends know how to engage audiences in big ways. New tools and apps have come up which have transformed the way we communicate. These have made a difference in how brands are getting promoted and reaching to customers. An expert social media marketing agency knows how to make the best use of these platforms and so should you.

  1. DisplayPurposes:

DisplayPurposes is an online tool which keeps worry off from you when you have to choose hashtags for your next Instagram post. The tool is greatly useful for photographers who post their work online as well as for agencies who want their work to reach a big set of audience. DisplayPurposes helps you pick the relevant hashtags for your post.


Pro Tip: Use a mix of less popular and popular hashtags to stand a chance of getting at the top.

  1. Percentage Calculator:

For any social media advertising agency, Percentage Calculator would be a time saving route for calculating percentages for the purpose of reports. It’s a free online tool which can turn raw data into percentages. Whether you want to determine percentage change, percentage error or percentage difference, this tool will be extensively helpful.


  1. Character Count Online:

Character Count Online is a free online tool which lets you count characters and words. It’s the most useful when you have to fit content as per a specific template or a social media platform. In addition to counting, it also tells you the number of times you’ve used every word in the content, thus, helping you to identify overused words.


Pro Tip: You can always maintain your SEO character limits as per your requirements.

  1. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan App charges your documents with PDF power. The application makes use of your phone’s camera to convert images and text into a PDF. It is supported with optical character recognition or OCR which makes scanned data editable. iOs and Android users can make the best use of this free tool.


  1. Fontjoy:

Surprisingly, choosing the appropriate font for use in a design project isn’t an easy task. Fontjoy is an interesting and effective font pairing tool for designers. With this you can achieve perfect font combination from a database of at least 1800 fonts. It’s really simple to use. You just need to set the contrast between fonts varying from similar to different and hit the “generate” button.


Pro Tip: Through its vector arithmetic features that represent visual concepts like obliqueness and weight and abstract concepts like legibility and colour can be isolated.

  1. Sticky AI:

Sticky AI uses artificial intelligence for creating social selfie stickers really fast. You can create, save and share still and animated stickers. All you need to do is snap or import your picture and Sticky AI will cut its background and place it on a transparent background. You can also press and hold the camera button to take shots which will automatically stitch together into a sticker or GIF.



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