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Red Dash Media brings a vast end-to-end range of experiences for Search Engine Optimization to clients. Through careful keyword research and white-hat techniques, Red Dash Media helps you achieve a high ranking in the major search engines.

Ranked as the best SEO company in Delhi, we maintain the following parameters to provide you with the best results:

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Keyword Research

Keyword Research has stayed pretty consistent for inbound marketers looking to optimize the website for research. So, if you want a high google ranking and more traffic, you will love this platform!

Link Building

Google's algorithms are always evolving and are complex at the same time, but link building remains an essential factor in how every search engine determines which sites rank for a particular keyword.

On Page SEO & Off Page SEO

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing web pages which helps to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines which refers to content and HTML source code of a page. Off-Page SEO refers to all the activities which you do away from your website to raise the ranking of a page.

Link Building

is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. A hyperlink, usually referred as a link, is a way for users to navigate between pages on the internet. This is where our team of SEO experts come in handy and they acquire hyperlinks from different websites. These links are then pushed by the help of search engines to crawl on the web including individual pages and websites.

E-Commerce SEO

provides a way to reach the audience without paying for ads. Our SEO experts ensure that your product page appears among the top 10 organic search results. We look into several criteria that make this possible and deliver an impeccable product page that builds on organic traffic. Once people get to your site, the role of an excellent web design and intriguing content with a call to action helps you convert a web user into a potential customer.

Local SEO

Optimization of the local search is a holy grail for small businesses. If your business is not optimized for local searches, you could probably be missing out on 80 percent of your potential customers, and hence a big chunk of your revenue. Here at Red Dash Media, we understand the importance of local optimization and the benefits it has to a business. This is why we implement a wide range of local SEO tools in our practice.

National SEO

is a term that primarily focuses on ranking for broad keyword terms rather than ranking for specific geographical terms. National SEO is said to be helpful enough as it works with businesses on both the local and national levels. National SEO is a long-term investment that can separate your business from competitors. Our SEO experts leverage the broad keyword terms to deliver the best results in a wider search spectrum.

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount you should expect to pay is adjusted to the extent of work needed to guarantee a positive outcome. A digital agency or SEO expert will charge after contemplating the scope of the project and your predetermined expectations.
We offer initial contract terms of 3-6 months. After the initial agreement is finished, we will service your account on a monthly basis. You have the choice to drop at any time with a 30 day notice. After that we will cancel all services and return any data we have back to you.
We first gain complete knowledge of your business and then we proceed to identify high traffic keywords which are best and valuable for your type of business. For this, we use keyword planning tools like Google Keywords Planner and Competition Analysis Tool like SpyFu, SEMrush.
Blogging assists with boosting your SEO across your website but mostly for content which is unique and not plagiarised. Search engines are searching for the content on your site that will adequately respond to clients’ queries. So, by writing in-depth, high quality blogs that are relevant to your business, you’re probably going to get identified. With on-page SEO strategies, search engines will start to discover your blog more.
SEO results grow with time and it takes about 3 to 6 months to see expected outcomes. We share every single update like traffic improvement, ranking improvement and goal conversion with our clients. We also provide our clients with a realtime dashboard to keep a check on the rankings. In this way you can likewise measure the effects of SEO on your site.

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