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Understanding your business is a key part of Branding and Designing services. It lets us tailor-make the entire concept and design in a manner that perfectly complements your brand and caters to your unique business needs. Red Dash Media’s branding and designing team includes knowledgeable and experienced designers and consultants who work on thoroughly narrated briefs and transform them into a full-fledged branding campaign that puts your brand in the spotlight.

Our designing experts stand behind the philosophy that a good concept and branding has to do more than just look creative as it has a major functional purpose with the business. Your business image depends on a design and branding guidelines that are polished, distinctive, and memorable. Red Dash Media’s branding experts understand the specific functionality of quality design and work in a way to make you fall in love with their creativity and dedication to your designing and branding project.

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Logo Design

Logos convey an important aspect of any organisation or brand and highlight what the brand stands for. If you're looking for a company that excels in logo design, we are the perfect choice. We have delivered logos to numerous happy clients that have helped them stand out in the industry. Our team conducts in-depth research, that helps us brainstorm various unique ideas and concepts to understand your audience and also portray your brand in the right way.

Branding Collaterals

Brand Collateral is the collection of media that is used to promote the brand and support the sale and marketing of a product or service. It is basically the tangible evidence of the brand, designed congruent with the brand's core values and personality. Designers at Red Dash Media highlight the detail and value of a particular brand or company giving the brand collaterals a distinctive touch which is a culmination of the brand's philosophy.

Branding Guidelines

A brand style is something which takes the heart and soul of your brand and translates it into a design. Our designers focus on the brand's mission, vision, and values and then render it a design element. It tends to dedicate the content of a particular logo, its design, blogs, advertisement, and marketing collateral. Social media agency in Delhi Red Dash Media, find inspiration from every corner along with brand-specific needs to plan for the evolution and building of the brand.

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Quality Design Guaranteed

Nothing is more important than the designing and branding part of the business. Unlike many designing agencies, we employ a designing and branding process based on teams of designers. Due to the variety of designs, you’ll get, there is a better chance we’ll find that perfect design you’re dreaming for. We put two to five designers on every custom design project to ensure perfect designing and branding for your business. After you get your first concepts you’ll know you made the right choice.

Design and Branding are placed above rest in the marketing world because it is the first thing a potential customer will look at. Designing and Branding have continued to lure customers in the past, and the trend will carry on in the future, too. Unlike the other Design agencies, we employ a design and branding process based on teams of designers working together to create a piece of art for your brand. This ensures a variety in design in the initial phase giving our clients a plethora of options to choose from. We put a team of designers on every custom design project to ensure you get the design you have been aspiring for.

We Ensure You, Your Perfect Brand Image!

Many websites on the Internet offer Designing and Branding for your business. Many of these websites are operated by individuals or small companies with only a few employees. Would you trust something as important as your Branding and Designing to a company that might not even be in business the next time you call? In contrast, Red Dash Media has an exceptional operating history, and corporate design is our speciality.

If you choose Red Dash Media, you’ll be working with a branding agency in Delhi that is stable, reliable, and dependable.

With our diverse expertise which ranges from Content to Public Relations to Design and Web-based projects- you get a Digital agency that is truly capable of delivering the best brand image possible. We also work closely with the media to ensure your brand is always in the spotlight. Red Dash Media has an exceptional operating history, and corporate design is our specialty. If you choose Red Dash Media, you’ll be working with a branding agency in Delhi that is stable, reliable, and dependable. Come on board and witness the change!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose us as your design partner as we are young blood with tons of experience in different industries. We are a one stop platform for all your design aesthetics you are aiming for. We also help our clients in creating a new identity or to revamp their brand or business to a whole new level.
Logo designers usually give their final design outcome as a package with resources for different formats like wide graphic format, social media accounts also small print and so on. We provide our clients with at least 3 to 5 logo variations already to choose from and there is no additional cost for these extra variations.
Depending upon the expectations involved, it generally takes somewhere in the range of 3 weeks for a logo undertaking to maximum 8 weeks for a standard brand identity package.
All our undertakings include at least one presentation that exhibits the proposed design with real life examples, providing context of the ideas and altogether expanding everyone’s ability to perceive how the branding works.

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