Case Study

Stryder Bikes
A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of TATA International

How we positioned Stryder as India’s leading premium cycle and e-bike brand

Results of our Digital plan:

Website Traffic Growth - 25x

Social Media Growth - 30x

E-commerce Growth - 300%

Company Overview

Stryder Bikes, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata International Ltd., offers a wide range of bicycles under the premium category and are available at over 4000 locations across India. Apart from selling in retail outlets across India, Stryder Bikes also has export operations in SAARC, Africa, and the Middle East, ranging to more than 3 million happy riders across the globe.

The business was set with a philanthropic mission of providing quality bicycles to the World Bicycle Relief (Africa). In 2009, the products started being retailed in the Indian Domestic Market under the brand name Tata Stryder. The brand is committed to providing high-quality products and services to help improve the health and lifestyle of our society.


When Stryder Bikes approached Red Dash Media, the brand was struggling with its Social Media presence despite being in the market for over 10 years and having a retail map of 4000 locations across the country. Their presence on the web was a big concern for a company of Stryder’s size. The low visibility on the web meant that their website traffic was almost non-existent, resulting in fewer sales through the E-commerce platform.

Case Study : Stryder Bikes needed a significant transformation to its website and a robust social media strategy, and they needed it fast. This compressed timeline meant that we needed to address significant changes for the brand’s digital outreach to ensure the growth objectives were met.

Logo & Style
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Logo Construction
Times are tough; for a brand to float in the market you need to keep reminding people of your existence. It has never been more important to create a meaningful brand that is indispensable. When we re-worked Stryder’s logo, we kept the brand’s philosophy in mind and changed only the bits that matter. After all, we all know the saying ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’!
We redesigned a logo that was ready for digital adaption and does not come in the way of Stryder’s communication. We believe, that a great logo simply fades in the foreground and at the same time stands out, too. Stryder’s logo redesign is our testament to simplicity and minimalism.
Typography &  Color Schemes

Color Hex Codes

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The quick brown fox jumps Over the Lazy Dog. 1234567890
font name – montserrat Bold
The quick brown fox jumps Over the Lazy Dog. 1234567890
brand relaunch
A fresh touch of modernism
We knew from the get-go that Stryder Bikes requires a Brand revamp across all the promotional channels. Despite being in the market for over 10 years, Stryder Bikes brand recognition was very low among the users. Our survey results made it clear that Stryder as a brand was all over the place with its communication and brand ideology. That needed to change and that’s why we started with the brand logo. We redesigned the brand logo with subtle tweaks and removed Tata from the logo as part of its branding overhaul. This allowed us to make the whole logo very sleek ensuring easy usage in different social platforms, offline channels, and the website.
Note: Old Tata Stryder International Creative Visual
Note: New Stryder Creative Visual
This new brand approach gave Stryder a hint of modernism to connect well with the customers and represent itself as a brand for the youth. With the brand relaunch, we tried to achieve a connected ecosystem for Stryder, and it all started with integrating the brand’s philosophy into the logo showcasing the brand’s evolution.
How we transformed Stryder’s Website and Web Presence
Website Redesign
transforming stryder’s
website and Online presence

As people become more aware of the health benefits of biking and Covid-19 fueling the growth of the Indian bicycle industry at over 42% per year – more and more consumers turn to the web to research and buy bicycles. This, in turn, means that having a strong web presence is no longer a commodity – it’s essential! That is why Stryder’s sub-brand turned to Red Dash Media a social media marketing agency in delhi to maximize its digital reach.

Stryder Bikes Official Website

What better way to connect with our users than to do engagement posts that makes the users feel valued. Apart from the general creatives on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, we also created the ‘Stryder Squad’ campaign. The campaign revolved around us making full use of user-generated content. We encouraged people to share their photos with their Stryder Bike, which we featured on Social Media. This created a lot of buzz for Stryder, and we achieved this by tapping on data that was already available to us. Stryder Squad campaign also helped the brand gain the trust factor of several potential customers. They saw people with Stryder Bikes going on adventures and sharing their riding experiences with Stryder.
Stryder’s diverse product portfolio was an advantage in terms of creating new posts and targeting the right set of audiences with every post. We started targeting several demographics with our social posts, and in no time, Stryder had become one of the fastest-growing bicycle brands on the internet in India. We were hitting millions of reach and impressions every month with our consistent social approach for Stryder.
We also incorporated the latest trends and research to create our topical posts that resonated well with the audience. To engage our target audience, we framed our messaging around simple, effective, and viral content. This involved developing a monthly content calendar that revolved around the product offerings, promotions, and everything making news in the popular culture.
Social Media Strategy
Crafting Stryder’s voice for the world
After the first stage of Brand-Relaunch was successful and received well with the users, we moved our focus on creating a robust social media strategy aiming at brand revitalisation. Our social strategy was focused on breaking the shackles of niche targeting that Stryder focused on earlier. We knew we are dealing with a mass-marketed product and that’s why our social strategy revolved around connecting with as many people as possible with our campaigns and creatives.

Stryder Bikes Website Banner

For a website to be interactive and showcase the brand’s philosophy, it has to be unapologetically bold in its representation of the brand and that is what we did with Stryder’s website. We integrated the brand’s conception with the website in the way of creative storytelling by our team of Web Designers working to achieve a sophisticated web design.
We used bold visuals to garner the users’ immediate attention and coupled them with an interactive web interface to deliver a fluid experience for the user. All of this, when put together, created a brand story that indicates Stryder’s communication moving forward. With revamped navigation features, Stryder’s conversion rate saw an all-time high on the ordering website.
We completely transformed the design language for Stryder’s website by making it simple and intuitive. The website was optimized to multi-screen support across various devices like laptops, phones, and tablets. The newly added layers gave the website a sense of visual connection with the brand making users more aware of the products and specifications.
Our success with content marketing, which aligned with the brand’s philosophy, led to several media engagements for Stryder Bikes. The unveil of Stryder’s new brand identity gained several media mentions for the brand. All these media and user traction led to massive growth in followers on Instagram and Facebook and the ever so essential growth in sales for Stryder.
brand Awareness
Fueling the brand story
one step at a time
Brand awareness was an area of concern for Stryder, and we started building our campaigns to register Stryder as India’s fastest-growing premium bike brand. We played around with several ideas, like the Covid-19 campaign, video campaign, topical cricket campaign, and some viral campaigns to see what truly sticks with our users.
We worked on a campaign revolving around Covid-19 at the start of the pandemic, when people were overwhelmed by the lockdown. We came up with several challenges over 3 weeks and asked our users to participate in them to win exclusive Stryder merchandise. The response to the campaign was positive, and we got several user engagements over 3 weeks. This was our first attempt to truly increase the number of social followers and it worked! We got thousands of new followers and millions of impressions on Facebook and Instagram.
The topical cricket campaign was our “HERO” campaign, in terms of user engagement and scale. We placed Stryder logos across the stadium and asked users to click a photo of the logo while they were watching the cricket match. The campaign teaser itself got over 50,000 views on Instagram and over half a million reach. We received over 200 comments from users who participated in the campaign in just over 2-3 days.
Throughout our partnership with Stryder, we worked on several product teasers for product launch, and general promotion. All the product teasers combine to over 100,000 views across different social platforms and several hundred comments. Video plays a major role in increasing the brand awareness of any brand, and the same was the case with Stryder Bikes.
Online Reputation Management (ORM)
Building Stryder’s public reputation
Reputation Management has become a critical area for any brand looking to increase its social media map. We worked closely with Stryder to ensure customer queries were duely attended to, on the digital platform. Stryder’s digital reputation was very questionable before we took over the charge; there were complaints of product issues, customer queries not being answered, and negative reviews on Google.
We knew we had to repair Stryder’s online reputation and repair it fast. We started by working on the backlogs of queries and cleared them all out. The next step was removing defamatory and negative links from the web along with negative and fake reviews. We monitored every mention of the brand on the web to ensure that only positive news was passed to the customer. It is essential for every brand to monitor the first few pages of Google search so that there is no negative element that may stop a customer from trusting in your brand. For Stryder, we monitored all the videos, blogs, reviews, complaints, so we were always on top of every digital activity concerning Stryder.
Stryder’s growth projections for 2021
Setting up our Stryder
for future success
At Red Dash Media, we understand that social growth is the first step towards a brand’s growth towards prominence. When we started working with Stryder in the March of 2020, the brand had a mere follower count of 2000 on Instagram and 51,000 on Facebook, and we knew we had to grow Instagram in a much more aggressive way to match Facebook and gather more user engagement. After all our efforts for Stryder, we increased their Instagram followers count to over 25,000 in just a little over 10 months. The 20-fold increase in Instagram followers worked wonders for the brand in terms of Brand Awareness and customer conversion. This rapid growth in followers resulted from creative social strategies that were implemented from day-1. We optimised Stryder’s social media presence from content to graphics to ads to hit the right target audience.
Facebook is a revelation of what a brand can achieve with apt communication. We quintupled the Facebook reach to 21 million from less than half a million in just 10 months. During the same time, Stryder’s followers almost doubled to 100,000 on the platform, and Facebook Impressions grew to 23 million.
Facebook had a head start in terms of followers, but we had to start from scratch for Instagram. With less than 2000 followers initially, we knew that it will be a challenge to grow reach and impressions on Instagram, but our creative outlook made sure that we achieved the desired reach and impression from day-1. Over a few months, Stryder’s Instagram saw an increase of millions of impressions and reach. We expanded Stryder’s reach and impression from a few thousand to 14 million and 15 million, respectively.
Stryder’s social numbers were way below their competitors like Firefox, Hero Cycles, Outdoor 91, and Avon, but after Red Dash Media took over the digital charge, not only we increase the brand awareness and put Stryder in terms with all the other big players, we also challenged their social numbers in less than a year.
Apart from the massive social growth on Facebook and Instagram, we also launched Stryder’s YouTube channel and grew it to almost 2000 subscribers organically. This was our way to connect better with customers who want a more hands-on experience like unboxing a bike or assembling it. Currently, the channel has reached over 50,000 people since its launch and gave us an extra platform to push Stryder’s story on.
Final Outcome
The transformation of Stryder as India’s fastest growing Bicycle brand
The growth of the bicycle industry has been rapid in India over the last few years, and it has been fueled further by the pandemic when people became more aware of their health and wellness. We targeted this area in many of our communications, and it resonated well with the customers.
Along with creating a solid social media strategy, we also worked as a technology consultant for Stryder. Our team of web experts strengthened web page integrity by detecting spam and vulnerabilities to keep the website up and running at all times. We reduced the number of cyber attacks on the website, which diminished the risk of downtime, data theft, and website defacement.
Red Dash Media’s digital strategy helped drive Stryder’s digital presence and place it as a leading contender in the premium bikes category in less than a single year. When we started on the journey with Stryder, the brand was severely lagging behind the competition in terms of sales and digital outreach, but all of it changed with our implementation of a solid digital strategy. Stryder saw tremendous year-over-year gains in clicks, impressions, conversions, organic sessions, and new users. The website traffic grew to over 500%, and the social media reach spiked up, to over 300%. These stats are multiple times higher than that of Stryder’s competitors during the same time.
If you have read the entire case study, you very well know where we are going with the outcome. With Red Dash Media’s creative digital approach, we truly transformed any brand that was lost in the market. From social media, to website, to brand awareness- Currently, Stryder Bikes is a major player in the bicycle world. Its customer base has increased rapidly and the brand is expanding to new locations every day. Throughout our partnership with Stryder, the brand won several awards and accolades and was continuously featured in the mainstream media.
From social media to website to brand awareness- Stryder has become a major player in the premium bikes category. Through our efforts, not only do we ensure that our clients get immediate results, but the success will continue for many years to come.
The numbers don’t lie, and you can see the growth in website traffic alongside the social growth with the uphill graphs. We almost went neck to neck with the other established brands in the space in a matter of a few months. All our strategies worked in parallel to each other, with social growth giving a hand to website traffic, which in turn gave hand to massive e-commerce sales. We went from strength to strength in terms of website sessions, reaching a total of 750k over the year, from just 7000 sessions before we took over the charge.
Red Dash Media also helped Stryder with the B2B side of things. As the exponential social growth was taking place, the demand and interest for dealership enquiries rose, too. Long story short- Red Dash Media streamlined Stryder Bikes social reach, website traffic, B2B growth, and online and offline sales through our implementation of creative strategies.
As Stryder Bikes continue to expand and take on the competition, it has established itself as a major bicycle brand in India; all under a year with strategic digital growth. Our strategies will set Stryder apart from the competition in the time to come and our digital framework will ensure the brand’s scalability

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