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31 May

Social media is now a leading and pre-eminent digital platform with various features. It’s not just used for connecting and social networking now but also to engage and promote your brand. Social media platforms are now a must for every business and brand to lead in the market.

The influence of social media is praiseworthy as it gives you an opportunity to connect with millions of people with just one click. Data says that 59% of the total population of the world are using social media platforms marking it a huge digital opportunity to connect with audiences and build your brand in the most cost efficient way. This is a great way to build brand awareness, connect with existing customers, and attract new audiences to fill your funnel. But with more than 65 social media platforms, which platforms are the best to connect with?

Here we are going to discuss 8 social media platforms to use for your brand in 2021 :

When it comes to promoting your brand and reaching out to potential customers, leveraging the power of social media is crucial in today’s digital age. As a renowned social media marketing agency in Delhi, we understand the importance of utilizing the right platforms to amplify your brand’s presence and engage with your target audience effectively. In this article, we’ll explore eight powerful social media platforms that can be leveraged for successful social media marketing campaigns in 2021.



Facebook is the one of the most influential social media platforms around , with it’s active users ranging more than two billion people each month. Number of brands using Facebook Pages is approximately 80 million which makes it quite necessary for brands to maintain their virtual presence.

The Facebook algorithm recognizes meaningful content that is organic and getting appreciated among the audience. Facebook has strong advertisement options to Facebook groups, there are a variety of tools that brands can and should use to promote them.

  • Monthly Active Users : 2.70 Billion
  • Launched : 2004
  • Business Pages : 80 Million


Youtube is one of the biggest video-sharing social media sites where people binge watch hours of videos every day. YouTube is also recognized as the second largest search engine after Google. Youtube has a strong following among all age groups. Including the 65+ hard to reach audience.

To start on youtube, you can create a channel for your brand where you can upload videos for your subscribers to view, like, comment, and share. To increase your reach on the platform,one should promote and advertise their content

  • Monthly Active Users : 2 Billion
  • Launched : 2005
  • Business Pages : 38 Million


Instagram is a social media platform where brands, influencers, and mentors can flourish.Instagram is a social media app that allows one to share content as pictures, videos, 24 hour stories, and live videos. Instagram has also introduced IGTV and reels for longer-form and 30 seconds videos respectively

Instagram has a feature of business profiles for brands, helping you with rich analytics of brand’s posts and the option to timely schedule one’s posts with the help of third-party tools. The brand gets a massive potential to connect with a large audience as well as directly link the product details to increase sales from instagram. 75% of 18-24-year demographic use Instagram, with 57% Millennials using the app on a daily basis.

  • Monthly Active Users : 1.16 Billion
  • Launched : 2010
  • Business Pages : 130 Million


Twitter is a social media platform for high engagement and covers all areas. Twitter is unique from most other social media platforms as it has a strong emphasis on real-time information. Data says that more than 80 percent of customer service requests appear on Twitter. Twitter is also referred to as “the New 1-800 Number for Customer Service“ now.

Your brand can earn high engagements and audience on Twitter by building a strong digital presence. Engage into threads, put your point of view, create and share content with others and join the never ending conversation.

  • Monthly Active Users : 353 Billion
  • Launched : 2006
  • 10 Million Page Book – 1 Day’s worth of tweets.


LinkedIn was initially just about posting resumes and searching jobs. It grew into this professional social media site where market experts from all fields post content, build connections with one another, and maintain their personal brand. Brands use this social media platform to set up their experienced leadership and authority in their field and hire new talent to their organisation.

LinkedIn has the potential of advertising massively by boosting your content, sending personalized ads to LinkedIn inboxes of linkedin members.LinkedIn is a trusted site, and it has unrivaled potential for connecting with experienced individuals who can bring a difference for your brand.

  • Monthly Active Users : 310 Billion
  • Launched : 2003
  • Job Applications each second : 55


Snapchat is a social media platform where one can share pictures and short videos of ten seconds each . It made the Story feature popular, which was also incorporated by other social media sites as well.

Snapchat must be your go to social media app if your brand wants to target a young audience.Snapchat is a sanctuary for behind-the-scenes content, limited offers, and influencer takeovers.

  • Monthly Active Users : 433 Billion
  • Launched : 2011
  • Snaps created everyday : 4 Billion


Whatsapp is a very prominent social media app with usage in all over 180 countries. Initially, WhatsApp was being used as a messaging application to communicate with their family and friends. Now, it has grown into communicating with businesses via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp launched its business platform with features to allow businesses to have their brand’s profile, access to customer support and sharing daily updates with audience about their orders.

  • Monthly Active Users : 2 Billion
  • Launched : 2009
  • Revenue: $5 billion estimated


Pinterest is a social media platform where people go to search new things and be inspired and creative. Data by pinterest says that 78 percent of users believe that the content on Pinterest from brands is useful and trustworthy. It provides businesses a unique opportunity to make their mind on their orders.
Users of Pinterest are looking for new things, therefore,having a strong presence on Pinterest can actually put your brand on the minds of the audience.

  • Monthly Active Users : 442 Million
  • Launched : 2010
  • Revenue: $1,693 million (2020)
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