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24 Apr

5 Marketing Campaigns That Won Hearts

The marketing industry is no less than a war zone and it’s always a treat to watch them battle it out through billboards, print and digital media ads etc. Here are the top 5 picks from the list of Red Dash Media. Coca Cola (Share a Coke Campaign)  A few years ago, Coca Cola took … Continue reading “5 Marketing Campaigns That Won Hearts”

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18 Apr

Know About Trends Followed by A Website Design Agency

Being in the digital era and evolving technology, everything has changed and many changes are expected in the future. Due to such changes, businesses are changing their strategies with time. They have shifted completely to digital products to run their businesses more efficiently, otherwise, they may fail in the cut-throat competition. They are looking for … Continue reading “Know About Trends Followed by A Website Design Agency”

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social media agency
18 Apr

A Guide to Increase Your Social Media Engagement

As every brand races to gain more likes and followers on their social media accounts, they overlook a critical component required to stabilise their business’ social media presence, that is, social media engagement. While social media growth is measured by a rise in the number of likes, followers, retweets, subscriptions, and comments, social media engagement … Continue reading “A Guide to Increase Your Social Media Engagement”

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14 Jun

What Is PPC And How Paid Search Marketing Functions

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, is an online internet marketing model that allows advertisers to put advertisements on an advertising platform and in return pay a reasonable amount to the host of the platform whenever their advertisement is being clicked. The objective of the advertisement….

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3 Jun

26 Ways To Increase Website Traffic In 2021

Website Traffic is very crucial for a brand in today’s age. Website traffic is the benchmark of your business development and success. Goals and objectives of a business always include increasing the engagement and website traffic and getting more customers. More the number of visitors to a functioning and well-operational website, …

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31 May

8 Social Media Platforms To Use For Your Brand In-2021

Social media is now a leading and pre-eminent digital platform with various features. It’s not just used for connecting and social networking now but also to engage and promote your brand. Social media platforms are now a must for every business and brand to lead in the market. The influence of social media is….

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29 May

10 Principles of Good Website design

Web Design is evaluated on the basis of user experience, it’s functionality and not on the mere basis of physical aspects. Your central focus should be the user and how users anticipate. The quality and reliability of your web design is appreciated by the user and it plays a major part in the success of your web design.
Here, we are going to discuss…

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28 May

What You Need To Know About The Google Page Experience Update

Google has made a proclamation this summer to set in motion the new feature called Page Experience and update it’s algorithm. This new feature is going to be very vital as it will influence the page rankings on search results based on user experience. As a part …

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26 May

The Ultimate Web Design Process In 7 Easy Steps

A website is your place in the Virtual World. It helps the audience understand the brand, it’s product and services. It depicts that every element of the website needs to work towards a defined objective. It’s crucial as data says that 38% of visitors will leave a website if they find the layout unattractive. Websites set the first look, ….

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20 May

Zero Click Searches and The Future of Web Browsing

The trends of Zero Click Searches are growing with the evolution of the web. As people become more mobile in 2021, the pattern of search engine optimisation keeps on changing and evolving. User related searches have become more dynamic over the years with the introduction and innovation of voice-related……

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7 Apr

Digital-age Marketing Battle: Instagram vs Facebook

Social media is a hot topic these days as everything is based on social media. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are trending and become more popular among the youth. These social media platforms have emerged as a great advertising platforms. Several businesses are using these platforms to…….

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6 Mar

Useful Tips To Choose The Best Website Designing Company

Launching a website is one of the biggest challenges for many businesses, as the website is the first impression that your prospective customers will have. So it is highly important to choose the best website designing company in Delhi that understands your goal and delivers the result.

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website-designing-company-in -delhi
6 Mar

Website Designing Tips For Small Business In 2020: Get Maximum Leads!

A website is the online face of your business, to assure the same, a top-notch web designing company can help you by incorporating modern trends and sensibilities to elevate the brand experience. Creating a website just for the sake of elevating brand experience will not haul in any customers….

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9 May

Latest Website Design Techniques To Look For

These days, it is essential to design an outstanding website that would help your business stand apart from the rest and stay way in front of competitors. You must understand that visual design does not define the success of any website when designing a purposeful website.

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12 Apr

Creative Ideas For Social Media Marketing To Spice Up Your Social Media

Whether you’re the CEO, project manager, or a creative head at your social media agency, communications firm or public relations, you’re used to be an idea machine. Clients come to you all day long, expecting you to inspire and motivate them.

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