Creative Ideas For Social Media Marketing
12 Apr

Whether you’re the CEO, project manager, or a creative head at your social media agency, communications firm or public relations, you’re used to be an idea machine. Clients come to you all day long, expecting you to inspire and motivate them with the newest creative ideas for social media marketing on how to do marketing in the freshest way, design, and communication challenges.

In order to deliver value to your clients, it is advised to stay on top of trends in media, digital marketing, creativity, development and more. Being a Creative Agency it’s essential to keep yourself familiar with all the tips, tricks, and hacks on how to better manage your own social media agency india with its projects and teamwork.

So, the question is where do you get Ideas for Social Media Marketing? We have a few suggestions.

  1. Run Facebook Ads
  2. Post with “tag a friend” content
  3. Host a twitter round table
  4. Run a poll on social media
  5. Host a live Question/Answer
  6. Use an analytics platform
  7. Use a monetization platform
  8. Put offers at the end of the videos

Run Facebook Ads

Running Facebook Ads is very important for social media marketing now. Running these ads straight to products can make the user know about the latest products and services. Ads related to content make them feel more native to the Facebook platform. People won’t even notice they’re ads, and before you know it, they’ve visited your website and subscribed to your social media channel.

Post with “tag a friend” content

Post a cute, funny, relatable picture that is relevant to your product or brand or services and encourage fans to tag their friends – this helps to spread brand awareness without feeling overly promotional.

Host a twitter round table

Twitter can be a great medium to connect with your social media groups. It is important to hold group discussions with your social media circles. Hosting a live chat or round table is an awesome way to learn more about your customers. Companies host weekly chats to connect with customers to know them more.

Run a poll on Social Media

The poll is the less used feature of Social Media, but they’re engaging and easy for followers to interact. Running a poll is a good way to start a discussion with your customers and to drive engagement to your social media agency. Run a poll and see if they have a positive effect on your engagement.

Host a live Question/Answer session

Host a live Question/Answer session on social media to interact with your customers. It is important to solve customer’s queries and give them a brief about the product and services. Make sure you host a live question/answer session on Twitter in addition to other platforms like Facebook to increase the reach on other platforms.

Use an analytics platform

For a business, it is important to use some analytics tools. It helps you manage your content output with scheduling. Moreover, you can use these analytics tools to measure optimal post timing, follower growth, post engagement, website traffic, etc.

Use a monetization platform

If you’ve got an e-commerce shop, consider using a platform like where you can link your posts to product pages. This single link in your bio will bring followers to a shoppable replica of your feed and acts as an important tool to boost up your Social Media Marketing Agency In Delhi. is advised to put a CTA in each of your product posts saying “check out the link in our bio to buy!” These social media platforms have analytics that can help you measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing.

Put offers at the end of the Video

Add a CTA at the beginning of your videos like “keep watching to the end for something special” – doing this increases the chance that people will actually watch your the video to find that special offer.

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