Google Page Experience Update
28 May

Google has made a proclamation this summer to set in motion the new
feature called Google Page Experience Update. This new feature is going to be very vital as it will influence the page rankings on search results based on user experience. As a part of their update process, they are also setting up Web Vitals, a series of guidelines crucial to improve the web experience. The new update all set to launch in may has now been postponed to launch between mid-june and end of August.
What You Need To Know About The Google Page Experience Update -

The Google Page Experience Update

The new feature comprises all facets of how the audience associate with a web page and how it’s beneficial or not for them.The already existing google search signals like safe and secure browsing, mobile friendliness, HTTPS etc are also included in the same.

Currently the centre of attention lies on three factors :
What You Need To Know About The Google Page Experience Update -

Loading : It signifies the recognized load speed. It’s that timing in the page load feature where the main content needs to be loaded.

What You Need To Know About The Google Page Experience Update -

Interactivity : It signifies the valuable time period when a user starts interacting and engaging with the web page

What You Need To Know About The Google Page Experience Update -

Visual stability : It signifies shutting out troublesome and unanticipated fluctuation of page content.

Visual indicators of page experience

Google has very clearly announced that there will be an additional introduction of visual indicators to particularize and distinguish those search results that meet all the requirements of page experience, by next year.
And it’s very evident that if visual indicators like this are available in the search results, there is a high probability that the audience will interact and engage with those web pages more than others.
Google has not made clear specifications regarding the visual indicators yet, but all this is clearly signifying how far-reaching and momentous they are going to make their page experience features.

Paying Attention to this Algorithm Update

The very evident truth is that the new algorithm update is going to be very crucial for each and every web page and it’s needed to be gravely understood by all the web developers and the team involved for marketing strategies
For the start, if the user engagement and experience on your web page is high and top notch, the visual indicators of the page experience will directly lead the users and audience to your web page instead of others.
Google has made it pretty clear that they will give a lot of consideration and preference to the new feature and it can be alot useful to increase your engagement and user satisfaction.
It is also very clearly observable that the webpages which will not properly accommodate according to the new page experience will lag behind and will get less engagement and website traffic. Google has many specifications to decide the page rankings and the new feature of page experience now gives an advantage for them to advise people about better experience and results.

How to be Prepared

There is still time before the launch of this page experience feature and we all can be prepared for it. Firstly, we need to understand all the specifications and criteria that google will be using . Google very clearly specifies all the metrics and specifications for one to understand it thoroughly.

Secondly you should review your web page and site according to the above standards and then optimize the same based on the new features that are soon to be launched.
The high quality web page and website is the result of efforts of many hardworking teams. To be prepared for this new page experience, all the teams have to come together and prepare a whole strategy so that you and your team don’t lag behind.

How to boost Page Experience

Some points regarding how to boost page experience are :

Mobile Search :

The website traffic that comes from mobile devices search is more than 50% which is very important and impressive to take in consideration. The algorithms of Google also take in account this data to set the rankings and search results.

Improve page speeds

Page speed can actually control everything about your web page- website traffic, engagement, user experience, conversion etc. According to Google, three seconds is the best optimum time to load a page.


Call to action or CTA is also very influential in deciding the engagement and user experience along with conversion. Each and every web page in one form or another appeals to the audience to do some actions regarding, email linking, newsletter subscribing, appointments booking, shopping etc.

Content :

Last but obviously not the least, one needs to remember that content is the king. Focusing on all the standards and metrics without prioritising qualitative content can result in waste. Good, helpful and impressive content will always determine how the audience engages with your webpage and also influences the search results.

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